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Articles and Information

The following articles provide useful information and advice on property management, based on our experience and the basket of services we provide.

From routine management to problem-solving to asset betterment  
Property management in Israel
Fuehrer: 65 years of asset  management

Apartments for rent, commercial space, offices and multi-tenant buildings are among the most widely-found properties in Israel. But many property owners just don't have the time to handle the minutiae of asset management. Others may invest the time, but in the absence of knowhow and expertise, find themselves losing money.

 Fuehrer Property Management has accrued 65 years of experience and knowhow that supply the solution to any and all of the problems and issues a property owner may encounter: routine maintenance and renovations, truculent tenants, squatters, erroneous payments of municipal tax or other liens, handling protected tenants, and more. Also, sometimes the owner may be unaware of the true economic potential of his asset and of the opportunities that the marketplace – or the authorities – may provide. Maximizing a property's potential may require legal and other expert assistance, and this is precisely the specialty that Fuehrer Property Management offers to you.

his website also contains links to articles with useful information regarding asset management.

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